Aerosports Trampoline Park

For me, a trampoline park is one of those ‘sounds good on paper….’ activities.

We’ve been to Aerosports Trampoline Park in Oakville, a few times before so we don’t hate it here.  But our experience is generally just ok.  This is a place that we like *just enough* that we go a couple times a year.

We go because the thought of effortless bouncing, kids jumping their energy out, laughing as they flop into the foam pit…it’s all so alluring.

And it IS all of those things…for 20 minutes.

My son jumping on trampoline.
My son when he was about 2 ish.

Welcome, don’t mind the puke!

Since this wasn’t our first time at this trampoline park, I wasn’t completely surprised to be greeted with some half wiped up puke spatter.

I get how it happened– you have a pack of youths, probably at a bday party, fillign up on pizza and cake and bouning around and then….pukesville.  It could easily have been my kid.  But it still wasn’t cleaned up even when we were leaving.

Moving on…you pay by the hour and you have to buy their special socks for 2 bucks, you keep them and can use them again.

The cashier suggested that we should re-watch a safety video before jumping.   But our kids were so excited to get jumping they were literally pulling us by the arms to get to the trampolines….

Yay Trampolines! Now Lets Watch TV

Our kids headed straight for the toddler/pre-schooler section. This is the section you want to be in if you have little ones.

pre-school section of trampoline park.
This is the pre-school section. This is where you want to be if you have little ones.

This section has trampolines, a foam pit and even a few play houses.  When my daughter was under 2 years old, she didn’t really like to jump. But kids this age seem to love to build towers with the foam blocks.

A few play houses in the toddler area if your kid is too young to fully enjoy the trampolines.
baby playing with blocks.
A pic of the first time we were here. My daughter was too young to enjoy jumping, but she loved the foam blocks.

After a few minutes of jumping and foam-pit flopping, my daughter notices PJ Msks on the one of the tv’s and wanted to watch it.  I had to remind her that we came for the trampolines and we only had an hour, why don’t we have some fun jumping?!

Then my son saw the video game machines and wanted to play.  I had to remind him that we came for the trampolines and we only had an hour, why don’t we have some fun jumping?!

Then my kids said they were hungry (yes we ate beforehand) and they wanted to buy food and it at the tables.  I had to remind them that we came for the trampolines and we had an hour, why don’t we have some fun jumping?

kid watching tv
Sorry about the blurry pic. My son mesmerized by the tv’s.

We moved to the larger section of the trampoline park.  The entire floor is trampolines in that section and there are some sectioned rooms to play sports.

big section of trampolines
The largest section of the trampoline park. Watch your little kids here, though.

They enjoyed another 5 whole minutes of jumping in this area.  This is an all ages area and you have to watch carefully because some of the teens will run right over your kid.

There are lots of couches around for you to watch your kid sit motionless on the trampoline, sulking because they can’t play video games 🙂

Kid jumping.
Lots of couches around to watch your kids jump.

All the Rules, Rules, Rules

There are a ton of attendants here and a ton of rules.  The attendants are super vigilant, ready to spot the slightest infraction to the trampoline equipment.

If two kids are jumping side by side – the attendant is there is a flash to stop it.

If a parent’s foot touches the pre-school trampoline – the attendant is there to stop it.

If a pack of teens is running around wildly, almost crushing your kid – …..*crickets*

But here’s the thing:

Packs of teens should be able to run around and get their energy out and have a great time. There should be rules in place, if they didn’t have them I would be the first person complaining that they have to be responsible.

Which takes me back to my ‘good on paper’ comment….

The Bottom Line

We’ll probably be back at some point.  But for us, I think this might be a better attraction when the kids are a bit older.

There is small concession area for food, we haven’t eaten there so can’t comment but looks like standard, hot dogs, pizza fare.

tables and video games
Video games and tables outside the food area.

In the entranceway there are some cubbies for shoes but it is out in the open. There are lockers near the restaurant tables, but we’ve always just taken our stuff with us.

Decent amount of couches around the entire place to watch your kids.

Separate pre-school area, but really little ones probably wont like to jump (or know how) and will just spend their time stacking the foam blocks.  But this is convenient if you have a older child as well and need to keep the young one occupied.

We’ve taken our stroller in before when my daughter was very young and we were just staying in one spot.  But there are stairs to get up to all the trampoline areas.

There are TV’s in a few spots, plus some arcade games.


Have you been to Aeorosport’s Trampoline Park?  What was your experience?

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