Hilton Falls

It’s heeeere….For all you Fall lovers out there, now starts the autumn fun!  Farms and pumpkins here we come….Many of the Halton Parks have their annual fall festivities lined up – you can find some info here.  Today we visited Hilton Falls.

Path to the falls
Path to the falls

Our main reason for going was to do marshmallow roasting at the bonfire that they have going near the falls.  Our son has been asking for camping activities and I thought this would be a good way to do something camp-ish, with little effort 🙂 More on this below…

My husband and I like hikes with waterfalls and have been to some nice ones in Hamilton, such as Sherman Falls and Tiffany Falls.  With a perfect 16c day before us we set out to explore the park.  Hilton Falls is located at 4985 Campbellville Rd in Milton.

The Looong Trail to the Falls

There are a few different hiking trails here.  We did the yellow path – Hilton Falls Trail – and followed the trail markers from A to C to D (the straight line route between C and D) and then doubled back.

Nice tall trees along the path.
Nice tall trees along the path.

It was a long walk, especially for our 3 year old.  Our 5 year old was fine, but a bit impatient that it was ‘taking so long to get to the campfire’.  We seem to be moving away from using our stroller, but this was one outing where I wish we brought it with us.

Kids on the trail.
The trail was flat and wide most of the way. But it was a long walk for a 3 year old.

The terrain is flat and easy, but seemed even longer than it was due to 3 year old snail pace walking.  I saw  numerous families sluggishly carrying their toddler and muttering ‘almost there’.  Trust me, just bring the stroller.

Speaking of strollers, I would say that the path we followed was stroller friendly, but there is one small section at the beginning of the trail that will be a bit tricky.  It’s steep and rocky, depending on your ability you might need a helper in this small area.  But after that it’s smooth sailing.

There is also an additional viewing platform that is accessible via stairs – but you can avoid them and see the falls from the viewing area near the bonfire.

Steep part of the trail.
Pic of the steep part at the start of the trail. Everything else after this is flat.
Rocks on the path.
Close-up of some of the rocks at the start of the path.

However, there are a few entrances to these trails so another spot may have a smoother entrance.

I also saw many parents walking the trail with their very little ones in a carrier.

Beautiful Tree Covered Walking Trail

It was peaceful and the trees were very beautiful, the smell of pine in the air.

Trees on the path.
Lots of greenery. A pretty path.
Pretty trees.
Pretty trees.

It wasn’t crowded at all – so if your 3 year old has a mini meltdown because the nut she found on the ground has a line on it…there are very few people around to stare at you 🙂

Here’s my husband trying to find her a nut with no lines on it.

On the way to the falls.
The mini-meltdown on the long path to the falls.

My kids enjoyed spotting chipmunks and caterpillars and mushrooms growing on logs.

This trail was very nice, just a bit far for the little ones.

There is a picnic table off to the side, about 3/4 of the way to the falls where you can stop for emergency snacks if needed.  You will also find an outhouse style toilet en route as well (regular washrooms are near the park entrance).

Picnic table en route.
Picnic table for emergency snacks.

The Bonfire – hint: Bring Marshmallows

As you approach the falls viewing area, there is a nice bonfire area set up with benches and large rocks for sitting.

The bonfire area.
The bonfire area.

I brought marshmallows with me but others were roasting hot dogs and using the picnic benches for their meal.

Roasting marshmallows.
Roasting marshmallows.

This is also a nice area with some neat tree and rock formations that my 5 year old enjoyed exploring.


Nice areas to explore nature.
Nice areas to explore nature.


Tada!  Hilton Falls??

Ok, so we survived the walk, survived the meltdown, finished all our emergency snacks, and now for the pièce de résistance……The Falls!

Do you see Hilton Falls?

Hilton Falls
Hilton Falls?




























Yeah that’s right, there was nothing.  Just the teenyist tinyist trickley-ist bit of water.  I know the flow is normally greater in the Spring, but I wasn’t aware that it would be completely dried up!

It wasn’t a complete disappointment, as the kids got marshmallows, so they were fine.  But it would have been nice for us parents to see something after our long trek.

Another close-up of the falls.
Another close-up of the falls
Pic of the ruins near the base of the falls.
Pic of the ruins near the base of the falls.

The Bottom Line

We would go back, but probably in the Spring to see the actual falls, or perhaps a bit later in October when the Fall festival activities are happening.

There are bathrooms near the entrance to the park and there was also an outhouse style toilet on our yellow route to the falls.

It took us about 2hrs 30 minutes round-trip.

The yellow route, mentioned above was stroller friendly, but there was one small patch at the beginning of the trail that will be a bit challenging.  I saw many parents with little infants in a carrier.

Dog friendly – lots of families walking their dogs.

There was an information office, but was closed when we were there.  There is also a sign for a snack area – we didn’t see this but appears to just be small snacks or ice cream – so bring your own food.

Have you been to Hilton Falls – have you actually seen the falls and can comment :)?  Has anyone tried any of the other paths in the park?  Please feel free to comment below or on Facebook.

Have fun this weekend!

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