Lakeside Park

If you are not quite ready to spend each weekend at a farm and want to head out to a good ol’ fashioned park before the weather turns, you might want to consider Lakeside Park in Oakville.  We were pleasantly surprised by Lakeside Park, 6 years in Oakville and this was our first visit!

Playground at Lakeside Park.
Playground at Lakeside Park.


In our search for nice bike paths for young kids, I thought Lakeside Park and surrounding areas might be a good choice.

Lakeside Park is located at 2 Navy St. in Oakville, and as the name suggests, it’s right beside the lake.

Our Plan: Take the kid’s bikes; go for a short ride and then end up at the playground.

Our Reality: bike chain came off 30 seconds into the trip and we couldn’t get it back on.  Kids saw the playground first and didn’t want to leave…so that’s where we spent our time.

There is nothing extraordinary about the playground here, regular swings, slides etc. but what made this a neat park were the small heritage buildings on site.

Oakville Historical buildings FREE to take a look

There are two historical buildings here.  Oakville’s first post office and Thomas House (a farm house from 1829).  Lakeside Park was not the original location for either; they were moved there by the Oakville Historical Society.

I had no idea these buildings were at the park and I was very excited to take a look!  Both are FREE to go in (they are very tiny structures).

The post office has a staff member who can answer questions and provide you with information. There are also plaques along the wall with interesting facts (young kids won’t give a crap about these though J

But they do have a couple of small activities that kids might enjoy.  Colouring pages and writing with a feather and ink.  My kids really liked this and they seemed to be a natural at it!

Some fine lettering in the historic post office.
Some fine lettering in the historic post office.


Using a feather to 'write' her name.
Using a feather to ‘write’ her name.

Over to the farmhouse right next door.  If your kids are complaining that they want a bigger bedroom or more stuff…take them here J  There is also a staff member on site and kids can take a look at some of the old fashioned toys of the day.  My kids are still too young to fully understand, but my 5 year old was mildly interested in looking at the cooking tools etc.

The playground – behold the shade!

Oh yes my friends, this is a shaded playground! Possibly the only one in the known universe!  Not only can the parents sit in shaded comfort but the actual playground area was shaded for the kids!  This is especially beneficial if you also have a husband who’s a  human lobster around the slightest sliver of sun.

A playground with SHADE!
A playground with SHADE!

The playground isn’t anything spectacular, but there are swings, slides and climbing structures.

My son playing on the spiral turn thing.
My son playing on the spiral turn thing.

There are lots of benches around the playground area, but most of them face the lake – it would be good to have a few more benches that faced the playground to make it easier to keep an eye on the kids.

We ended up putting a blanket on the ground under a nearby tree.  Lots of spots to view the lake and take in the scenery.

Going or a shot walk together.
Going or a shot walk together.


The pier

There is a nice pier along the one of the paths, that is visible from the playground area.  You can walk out and take a look.

Nice views from the pier.
Nice views from the pier.

In addition to the bike incident mentioned above, we also picked a windy, chilly day for the park so we didn’t explore the areas as much as we liked.

This area of Oakvile is quite beautiful and if your kids are a bit older, then they might find it interesting to go for a walk in the area and see the heritage houses.

This small park is stroller friendly and has washrooms.  There is no designated parking area so you have to find a place on one of the side streets – which was easy.  There are no concession stands or food places here.

Have you been to Lakeside Park?  Did I miss anything in my review?


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