Chudleigh’s Farm

Well here we are folks, the eve of pumpkin spice season!

If you happen to be a fern or a hydrangea then you probably loved the summer of 2017.  But alas, we now approach Autumn….time for farms, fall leaves, cursing yourself because you’re last minute with Halloween costumes again – even after the fiasco of last year when you swore you were going to be on top of things this time…

To help break up the stress of 5-year-old-halloween-costume-idea-changes every.five.minutes…let’s checkout a farm – Chudleigh’s Farm in Milton!

 Towers and slides at Chudleigh's Farm

Towers and slides

Apple orchard as seen from the wagon ride
Apple orchard as seen from the wagon ride

A Fun Milton Activity for Toddlers, Kids and the Whole Family

Towers, slides, tire swings, sandbox, animals, nature trail and more….

We haven’t been to too many farms as yet.  Last year we started to sample a few of them and this year they seem to appeal to our family a bit more.

Our 3 and 5 year old enjoyed Chudleigh’s Farm and I think it was a good age range for this farm.

We went on a very windy day in August.  It was too early for pick-your-own apples or any type of corn or pumpkin activities.  But possibly a great time to avoid crowds. I’m not too sure what this farm has in store once Sep/Oct rolls around.

Here’s the rundown.

Tire Swings

My 3 year old loved these! There are a few of them here.

Tire swing shaped like a horse.
Tire swing shaped like a horse!

Towers and Slides

This is a big attraction here.  The slides on each of the towers are wide enough for my bum + my kids to fit comfortably!

Tower at Chudleigh's Farm
One of the towers at Chudleigh’s Farm.
Towers and slides at Chudleigh's Farm
Another view of the slides

These structures are quite tall and some of the slides are pretty steep.  My 5 year old was a bit apprehensive at first, but warmed up fairy quickly.  At 5 years old, he could climb the latter to the towers and navigate the structures and the slides.

Kids running on structures
5 year old had no problem climbing and navigating.

I think they were a touch too big for my 3 year old though.  Some of the slides are not as steep, so she was ok with those ones, but she struggled with some of the ladders to get up to the towers – which meant I had to wedge myself up there to help her out.

3 year old climbing ladder.
3 year old had a bit of difficulty getting up some of the ladders.

If you have a 3 year old (or younger) I don’t think they could navigate independently.  So be prepared to climb up there yourself, or direct them to one of the many other activities…

View from the top of the slide
This slide was too steep for my 3 year old.


Decent size, with a shaded area plus a little ‘house’ and a few sand toys.

View of the sand box area at Chudleigh's Farm.
View of the sand area. A bit of shade, as well as sand toys are provided.

Hay Maze

5 year old LOVED this and kept going around and around.  This maze is not that large or complicated that it would overwhelm young kids.  It’s also not to high, there is a bench on a small hill near by that you rest and watch the kids move through the maze.

My 3 year old was fine to walk with her brother but didn’t do it on her own.

(Ugh, sorry, for some reason I have zero pics of the maze!  Not sure how that happened.  Will update with a pic when we go again).

Mini Farm

This is a nice size farm area, it’s easy for little kids to walk around and see everything.  They have deer, pigs, horses, sheep, dogs, bunnies and a few others.

Baby deer.
A baby deer and mama deer nearby.


Boy petting a sheep
Making friends.


Pigs in their pen
A few pigs too…

Old tractors and other neat stuff

Old tractors that kids can climb on (my 3 year old cried because they didn’t move ).  The grounds were very nice and the area near the little restaurant was nicely landscaped with chairs and  flowers.

Old tractors for kids to climb on.
Old tractors for kids to climb on.
Nice area to take a break.
Nice area to take a break.

Easy Family Friendly Nature Walk

We are big fans of forest trails and this is a nice short walk in a wooded area.  There are small signs throughout the walk alerting you to facts about the nature you are seeing.

Kids on the nature trail.
The nature trail is perfect for small kids to explore. Stroller friendly too.

There is also a rope swing and teepee.  This is a short walk that was easy for my 3 year old and is stroller friendly (as is the rest of the farm areas we visited).  There are no steep hills or other difficult terrain.

Teepee along the nature trail.
Teepee along the nature trail.


Signs along the nature trail.
Signs along the nature trail.

The entrance to the nature trail is about a 5 minute walk from the slides, or you can take the tractor ride and have them drop you off.

Tractor Ride and Apple Orchard

We were there in August – before Apple picking was ready so we didn’t experience the orchards in ‘full force’, but the free tractor ride around the orchards was pleasant and took about 15 minutes.

The tractor can let you off/pick you up from the nature trail area if you like.

You can’t take a stroller on the tractor ride, but parents were leaving them in a ‘stroller parking lot’ nearby.

Tractor and wagon ready for a ride through the orchard.
Tractor and wagon ready for a ride through the orchard.


Apple orchard as seen from the wagon ride
Apple orchard as seen from the wagon ride


Another view of the apple orchard at Chudleigh's Farm
Another view of the apple orchard at Chudleigh’s Farm

Chudleigh’s Farm Food

They sell pre-made/frozen pies, jams and other types of apple goodies.  There was a lady near the entrance handing out small samples of their Key Lime Pie…I took 2 samples (you know, one for each of ‘the kids’ 🙂

There is also a small restaurant with both savory and sweet apple creations.  It also looked like there is a bbq but it wasn’t open when we were there.

You can bring your own food, but they ask that you eat it at one of their picnic tables that are outside the entrance to the farm.

View of the food area
View of the picnic tables and food area.

The Bottom Line

Chudleigh’s Farm is located in Milton at 9528 Regional Road 25.

We liked it and we will go back.  It was stroller friendly and there were several areas with washrooms.  No dogs are allowed.  At the time we visited in August, our entrance fee covered all the activities once we were in the farm.

You can bring your own food (eat it at a picnic table outside the entrance).

Have you been to Chudleigh’s Farm in the popular Sept/Oct season?  What other activities do they have going on?  Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook!

Have fun this weekend!

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