Shell Park

I decided to give Shell Park a try based on the description of the flower garden.  This is a simple park, no extraordinary attractions here, but it was a decent area for my kids to practice riding their bikes.

Shell Park flower garden
Flower garden at Shell Park

It was a mostly pleasant drive across Lakeshore Rd. in Oakville to get to Shell Park (3307 Lakeshore Road West).

I say ‘mostly’ because, we were coming from the east along Lakeshore, meaning we pass Coronation Park.

Meaning my kids saw Coronation Park from the car window.

Meaning they wondered why we weren’t stopping where all the other kids were playing.

Meaning we had to listen to ‘no fair!…’ a hundred times as we drove to our destination.  (Repeat the process on the way back home too…)


Bike Path

My kids are fairly new at bike riding so we were looking for a relatively safe, enclosed area for them to take a spin.

Kids riding their bikes
Taking a spin along the park road.

There weren’t any formal bike trails here, just a winding road that made it’s way around the different areas of the park.   We were there on a hot summer Saturday afternoon and the park was pretty empty.

Although the speed limit was only 10k along the road, it would have been nice if there was a dedicated bike area.

Kids having fun on their bikes.
Kids having fun on their bikes.

Various Park Spaces

There are a few large soccer fields, although they were empty at the time we were there.

Soccer Fields
Soccer fields

The building near the soccer fields houses he bathrooms and possibly a snack bar?  The snack bar was closed and there was no info about hours.

Snack bar and washrooms
Snack bar and washrooms

There is a large dog park that seemed to be popular as well as a skate board park.  Our kids are still a bit too young for the skate board area, so not sure of the quality.

Dog park area
A really bad photo of the dog park area 🙂


Skate board park
Skate board park


The playground is small, nothing fancy here, but it entertained my kids for a bit.




The playground is not shaded but there is lots of shaded areas around the park to sit and relax or have a picnic.


Trees around the park
Lots of trees around the park

Flower Garden

There is a small flower garden area, with a few winding paths and places to sit.  Several people were resting on benches with their books.  I love these types of gardens and I really wish it was bigger!

flower gardens
Flower gardens
Paths around the flowers
There were nice winding paths around the flowers.


Flower Garden Shell Park
People enjoying the garden
Walking among the flowers.
I loved walking among the flowers.

My kids weren’t as thrilled about the flowers as I was, but they sure did like watching the bunny, making it’s way through the garden

Spotting the bunny
Spotting the bunny!

  • There are lots of parking spaces here, in several areas throughout the park
  • Bathrooms are located in a building near the soccer fields.  If you are at the playground, skateboard area or dog park, the bathrooms are a bit far.
  • Stroller friendly throughout

Have you been to Shell Park?  Can you add any info on the snack bar or quality of the skate park?

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