LaSalle Park and Wading Pool

So Many Reasons to Like LaSalle Park

There are many reasons we like LaSalle Park in Burlington.  In a nutshell –  6 bucks entertains our kids for a few hours!  Specifically, a great wading pool, really nice nature trails with great scenery and a good playground.

Nature trail
Nature trail in LaSalle Park


LaSalle Park is located at Lasalle Park Rd and North Shore Blvd E.

There is no charge to get into the park , to use the playground or explore the trails.  The wading pool has a small fee of $3.35 per child and parents don’t have to pay (bonus)!

Finally, a real wading pool!

My kids hate splash pads.  Hate.  Back in my day, wading pools were everywhere, but now, not so much.  Bronte Provincial Park has a sort-of wading pool, but what I don’t like about that pool is that it starts out shallow and just gets deeper and deeper…

The LaSalle wading pool is a nice sized square pool that is shallow (only goes up to my knees!).  There is a lifeguard on duty and even a small splash pad area for normal kids who like that sort of thing 😉

Lifeguard at LaSalle Wading Pool


Wading pool
Nice size wading pool with shallow water.


Swimming pool
Water toys are available (but limited).

The small pool size + shallow water + lifeguard means us parents can sit back and relax a bit.  We can let our kids wade in the pool without having to constantly be right beside them.

They even have some comfy chairs available for lounging – but they are very limited, so I recommend bringing your own folding lawn chairs.  The deck around the edge of the pool is cement, but you are free to put a blanket down if you like.

deck chair at pool
Deck chairs are available or bring your own lawn chairs or blanket.

I’m a shade lover, so there is a decent amount of shade from the umbrellas and the trees.

There are signs that say no food or drinks but I see lots of parents feeding their kids so I”m not sure if it’s fully enforced.  Outside the pool area there are lots of areas to sit and have a picnic so that’s always an option as well.

Bathrooms – last year they had a portable thing inside the fenced area of the pool.  We went there on opening day this year (2017) and it wasnt there. Not sure if it’s will be back, but if not there are bathrooms located at the gazebo/shelter.

Nature trails

The nature trails at LaSalle park are a nice little trek in the ‘woods’.  Stroller friendly and very scenic. It usually takes us about 30 minutes to walk the trail.  The trail is somewhat of a loop, starting at the main parking lot (if you are facing the playground, the start of the trail will be behind you).

The trail loops around and ends near the boat launch area.  You can then walk up the hill (or the stairs) to get back to the shelter/pool area.

kids on the boardwalk
A lovely boardwalk with great spots to view ducks, swans and geese.

Boardwalk at LaSalle Park


Ducks and geese
Looking at all the sleeping ducks and geese.


Guard goose keeping watch.

Our kids enjoyed looking at the chipmunks (if you’re into friendly chipmunks, see my post on Cherry Hill Gate), frogs, ducks, swans and even a massive size squirrel!

Large squirrel
Steroid squirrel


Ducks and swans
Lots of geese, ducks and swans can be seen from the trail and the benches.

The views from the walk are wonderful photo ops and offer a unique view of boats, the Burlington Skyway Bridge and the ‘Hammer’.

Burlington Skyway Bridge in the distance.


Kids will enjoy seeing the boats coming in and out.

There are lots of nice lookout spots with benches to take a break and enjoy the scenery.

Look out
There are many lookout points with benches to take a break.


The playground is a nice little spot near trees and picnic tables.  Our kids like to stop by here last after we’re done swimming and walking the trails. It’s the perfect size for one last activity before heading home.  The playground is not shaded, but the area around it is.

Playground slides.


Kids playing in sand
My kids like playing in the sand.


Picnic tables near the playground.


The playground is a nice size and it’s our last stop before heading home.


shelter in the park for weddings
Large shelter in LaSalle Park, used for weddings and other events. The washrooms are also located in this building.

LaSalle Park and Wading Pool a Family Favourite

After spending a nice morning here we sometimes like to take North Shore Blvd on our way home.  We like to look at the fancy houses…and then go buy lottery tickets 😉

This is a nice, well maintained park that we get really good bang for our buck. There is always lots of free parking, open spaces for picnics and our kids love the pool.  If you live in Burlington, this is also a great spot for kids birthday parties as they set up under the big tree near the pool.  You can even rent the pool for your own private party.

Have you been to LaSalle Park?  How do you spend your time there?


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