Let’s Have Some Fun This Weekend!

The inspiration for this blog came from no longer wanting to spend a ton of time searching all over for fun/unique/cheap etc stuff to do with my kids.  I had so many other things to do in the evening (House of Cards isn’t gonna watch itself 😉

Occasionally I would stumble upon a list of some activities but they lacked reviews and any of the details I needed to determine if the place is worth it.

What I really wanted was one central spot where I could find fun activities to do with my kids in my area, AND a parent’s review with all the inside details.  So when I couldn’t find this, I decided to create my own space.  I figured if I wanted this info then maybe other parent s would be interested too!

And so Weekend Fun with Kids was born.

My focus is on the Halton/Hamilton ON areas, but I’ll include reviews for activities we do outside of this area as well.

I would love to hear your comments and suggestions on what to include in these reviews.  Please connect with me anytime and let me know what info you wish you had about a place before making the go/no go decision.

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